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Makeup Brush Cleaner Mat

Makeup Brush Cleaner Mat

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Silicone Makeup Brush Pen Cleaning Pad Portable Practical Durable Washing Tool Scrubber Board Mat Toothbrush Cleaner Cushion with Suction Cup


Made from durable silicone, easy to use brush cleaning pad for maintenance and cleaning of our brushes.
Portable for home use and travel, pour some detergent to the wet bristle onto the cleaning mat.
Gently move the brush in a circular motion to the mat to rinse the brush. Repeat as needed, lay the brush flat and dry.


1. Silicone material - healthy, soft, resistance to fall off.
2. Easy to clean - the use of smooth processing technology, not easy to stick stains, can take on a new look with detergent.
3. Multi-stripe design - it fits your brush better and cleans more cleanly.
4. Widely used - suitable for all kinds of brush, makeup brush, toothbrush, etc.
5. Easy to use - gently clean on the grain, convenient and simple.


Product material: silicone
Color: Purple, Yellow, Pink, Green, Black, Rose Red
Product size: 15.5*12cm / 6.1*4.7in

Package Include:

1 X Makeup Brush Cleaning Pad

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