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Flexible Curling Rods Roller

Flexible Curling Rods Roller

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Sponge Hair Roller No Heat Hair Wave Curling Rods Sleeping Hairdressing Tools


1. Heatless curl hair ribbon is to give you a new way of curling your hair created to get beautiful curls without putting heat in your hair
2. Before going to bed at night, curl your hair with a curling ribbon, wrap your hair around two curling rods, fasten it with a button, and wrap it around your head. Wake up in the morning and you can roll up amazing curls without spending extra time.
3. Suitable for carrying at home or on business trips, and suitable for wet hair use. Let you have beautiful curly hair every day.
4. A comfortable and creative curling iron is also a perfect gift, suitable for family, friends, colleagues, so that they can also have beautiful curly hair.


Model: 1-17
Size: hair roller 3x100cm
Material: polyester
Package Include: hair roller + 2 x hair ring + hair clip 

Package Include:

1 x Hair Roller
2 x Hair Bands
1 x Hair Clip


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